Privacy Policy

The Eureka Springs App doesn’t store user data – period. 

What we do store is system data for the purpose of Monitoring map usage. That data is generalized (how many users, total time spent, etc.) and never tied to specific users. We don’t know who you are or where you’re from.

If you use third party services within the app (Eg; Facebook, Google Maps, Etc) you’ll be doing so on their secured servers. 

We do utilize GPS services to project your location (optional) to enhance your experience and to assist in finding points of interest – but we don’t track you. Rest assured that where you go and what you do, stays with you and your device – we don’t want to know.

Last update – July 17, 2017

Eureka Springs, Arkansas – the app


Your ultimate FREE guide to anything and everything in and around the historic quirky town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. For the first time, get accurate point of interest location/info merging with GPS map tracking to create a medium that enhances your experience in the area. We’ll help you get where or what you want faster so that you can enjoy more of Eureka Springs.